Jóasszony-style” chicken drumsticks

with roast potatoe

2 hour 0 minute
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To make sure that the chicken drumsticks are well-done, make a lengthwise cut on the meat side along the bones. If you decide to make a garnishing from new potatoes, all you have to do is wash them thoroughly (there is no need to peel them), cut them into halves, salt and roast them together with the chicken drumsticks.

Rinse the chicken drumsticks thoroughly. Rub them with the seasoning for roast chicken, add oil, cover and refrigerate for an hour. Place the drumsticks, the onion slices, bay leaves and garlic into a roasting tin. Add some water and put the tin into the oven. Roast the meat at medium heat (180 ºC; fan 170 ºC) for about an hour. Meanwhile, regularly flip and bast the meat with own drippings.

Pour oil in a frying pan and sautée the bacon, onion and mushrooms for 8-10 minutes in it. At this point, add the soft green peas, tomato paste and wine and mingle them. Sprinkle salt, pepper and finely chopped parsley over it. Cook it for just about a minute.

In the meantime, peel and cut potatoes into 1.5 cm wide cubes and deep-fry in oil. Next, drain on kitchen paper. Serve the chicken drumsticks with the ragout and the crispy roast potatoes.

  • 4 chicken drumsticks
  • 2 tablespoons of chicken spice blend
  • 1 big onion
  • 2-3 bayleaves
  • 1 bulb of garlic
  • 1 dl oil
  • for the ragout:
  • 10-12 small shallots or 2 onions
  • 150 g champignon
  • 100-150g g boiled, smoked, fat bacon
  • 6 tablesoopns of oil
  • 150 g cooked green peas
  • ground black pepper
  • 1 small tablespoon of condensed tomatoes (tomatoe paste)
  • 1-1,5 dl white wine
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • ca. 1 kg potatoes
  • for potato roasting:
  • plenty of oil

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